March is INTERNational Crochet Month

And there is a special event coming up known as the Tour Through Crochet Country being sponsored by Crochetville. Please take time to read all about it on their site. There will be so many designers participating all month long! I plan to read along and take the tour and I also plan to contribute to their chosen charity of the month, Project Night Night. I’m in the process of deciding in what way I’ll be contributing to that now. I have two small ripple blankets in the works that I started months ago. I’m thinking I may finish those and send both of them along.

I hope that you will consider participating, too!

2 thoughts on “March is INTERNational Crochet Month

  1. Kerri, Kerri! How are you my dear? Hope all is well. This new site of yours makes me want to grab my stash of yarn that have been idle for awhile and discovery the joy of crocheting. Maybe I’ll crochet a blanket for this challenge.

    So wonderful to “see” you again. Hope all is well, my dear and that life’s treating you and the family well. Take care.

    1. LISA!

      Love seeing you! :) I’m great and hope you are too. Are you traveling? Seeing/hearing musicians all over the world? Thanks for dropping by. Indeed, pick up the yarn and play. It’s the only thing that helps me breathe.

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